HATCHED-MV IS A MUSIC VIDEO & documentary PRODUCTION HOUSE, SPECIALIsING IN video CONTENT FOR NEW BANDS, artists & social change stories.


Brinton & Jolley are the creative talent behind Hatched-MV, bringing over 30 collective years of filmmaking experience to online music video & documentary content.

We offer any emerging band, artist or talent a video package, for a fair price. And we'll make it good - the quality and impact of our films is as important to us, as the expression and standard of your art is to you.

We started our media careers in TV; producing documentaries on diverse subjects from Art History to Wine and Allotmenteers to Seaside Rock Music. Each with storytelling at its heart.

With YouTube now being over ten years old and Instagram launching IGTV the short-video has come of age.

We have produced over 1500 short films for large organisations as wide-ranging as the NHS to Canterbury Cathedral and Marks & Spencer to BMW Mini.

Email us directly or head to the Bookings page. Send us your details and we can jump on a call!

Sincerely, Brinton & Jolley.